Saturday, August 7, 2010

Camera Critter #122

I occasionally read an internet post about a rare bird in my area, but having no motorized transportation, it's difficult for me to the area to see the bird.

Then there is the times when I can get to the area, and look and look and look and end up not seeing the rare bird.

Last week, I read a posting on the local birding mailing list that a rare sandpiper was seen at the Redmond sewage ponds. Before you cringe and stop reading, the ponds are not as bad as they sound...there's little or no smell...but the birds like the area.

To continue, last Friday, I decided to head to the ponds to see if I could see this rare sandpiper. So I hopped on my bicycle and headed north out of town. It's about 7 miles to the pond area and once there, I have to cross a fence, but it was worth the trouble.

As I began working my way around the largest pond, I started thinking I had missed the rarity once again. However, after walking three quarters of the way around the shoreline, I saw a solitary, gray bird wading in the water not far off shore.

Lifting my camera, I was finally able to photograph a rare bird for my area. Below, you will find the image I made of a Solitary Sandpiper...normally found east of the Rocky Mountains.

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Misty Dawn said...

Should I find it ironic that we both chose to post critters which have not previously been sighted in our area? That's a bunch of B/S I think. hehe :-P

That's a neat shot and a pretty bird. I like the reflection.

Denise said...

Wonderful to see something so rare. That's a beautiful shot and love the reflection.

rache said...

nice shot.. nice that you had to travel 'bout 7 miles to photograph it.. :)


cat said...

A beautiful shot of a pretty bird :)

Shey said...

The trip was totally worth it. You get to exercise & at the same time, behold this beauty. Good for you. :)

Happy weekend!

A Bear Sighting

EG Wow said...

Great shot of the sandpiper. We have a water treatment pond and as you say there's nothing unpleasant about it. AND the birds do like it. :) Lucky you to see the unusual sandpiper, though!

KB said...

Congrats on this rare find.

My CC pic is here