Saturday, November 29, 2008

Camera Critter Meme #34

This weekend meme is titled Camera Critters, so this week, I'll present some of the larger critters of my area of central Oregon. For some reason, I have seen a lot more critters like this than I have been able to photograph. 8v)

Mountain Cottontail

Yellow-bellied Marmot

Belding's Ground Squirrel

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel

Western Gray Squirrel


Mule Deer

Mule Deer

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Camera Critter Meme #33

For many Americans, this week means turkey, yams, stuffing and other traditional Thanksgiving food. And on the high desert, it's no different.

However, for a lot of the residence of the high desert, Thanksgiving comes to late in the year for them. But that doesn't mean they don't enjoy a good meal.

During my travels around the high desert, I have been come across a few critters during mealtime. To paraphrase a popular saying, "It's a critter eat critter world out there."

Western Meadowhawk

Tule Bluet

Robber Fly

Robber Fly

Robber Fly

Yellow-headed Blackbird (female...probably a nestling meal)

Red-winged Blackbird (female)

American Robin

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Camera Critter Meme #32

I've mentioned many times how much I enjoyed my time in Texas in April of 2007. I saw many critters I don't see in central Oregon and a few I do see in the high desert.

However, it was the damselflies of Texas which puzzled me the most. The prettier the odonata, the easier it was to identify. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to ID all of them. Below are some of the shots of the damselflies of Texas I was able to acquire.




Variable Dancer

Rambur's Forktail - female

Rambur's Forktail - male

Variable Dancer

Double-striped Bluet

Powdered Dancer

Variable Dancer

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My World

I was shown this Tuesday meme by my friend, Misty Dawn, and decided I would join the fun every so often. So enjoy my first post here.

The high desert area of central Oregon isn't known for it's storms during the summer, but come Autumn and Winter, along with Spring, Pacific Ocean born storm systems move into the Pacific Northwest and slam up against the Cascade Mountains. There they sit, gathering power until they came burst forth onto the desert and bring dramatic images to anyone with a camera.

The panorama below is four images stitched together from Roberts Field in Redmond, Oregon, the main airport on the east side of the Cascade mountains. Some of the cinder cones of the volcanic peaks can seen below the clouds.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Camera Critter Meme #31

When I was a young kid growing up in Illinois, my family was visiting our grandparents farm in the central Illinois area. When we arrived on the farm, generally, the rest of the aunts, uncles and cousins would also arrive.

On one particular visit to the farm, myself and a group of cousins had decided it would be a good idea to play in the corn crib. On the way there, one of us found a bumble bee hive and without thinking, jabbed a stick into it.

Well, you can imagine the mass panic which ensued. If I remember correctly, my youngest uncle and one of my cousins (the poker) were the only ones stung. But that area of the farm was not a place to visit for the rest of the day.

Several years ago, while I was wandering around looking for birds to photograph, I came across a flower garden containing dozens of different flowers. And on each flower was a bumble bee. I stood there watching them for a moment and realized there were several different species. It was at that point I decided that I would also photograph bumble bees...which on my next next photo safari, turned into anything flying or crawling around on more than two legs.

Below are some of my better bumble bee shots. The first two were taken in Michigan, near the town of Kaleva. The rest were photographed during my safaris around my hometown of Redmond, Oregon. I have done my best to identify the critters, but please don't take my identification as gospel. I have been known to be wrong.

Michigan Bumble Bees

Brown-belted Bumble Bee

Golden Northern Bumble Bee

Oregon Bumble Bees

Red Saddle Bumble Bee

Morrison's Bumble Bee

Red Saddle Bumble Bee

Yellow-faced Bumble Bee

Morrison's Bumble Bee

Red Saddle Bumble Bee

Red Saddle Bumble Bee

Golden Northern Bumble Bee

These days, you can find me running to a bumble bee I see in the distance. And you will find me dejected when I arrive to late to image the critter. But one thing you can bet on...I will always be looking for bumble bees when I'm out...among other critters.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Camera Critter Meme #30


For some, it brings a shudder of the body...for others, an admiration of nature.

I'm in the second camp. At one time, I wandered the high desert areas and saw lizards and just walked on by. I was after birds...then it was birds and butterflies...finally birds, butterflies and dragonflies. Now, I shoot anything and everything which flies or crawls around on more than two legs.

And lizards have become my absolute favorite subject.

I can't pass by one and not try to sneak up and got that perfect photo. Not only are they gorgeous creatures, some even know how to pose for the camera. Since I have started shooting the lizards around me, I have learned a few things.

First, if it's too cool, they run.

Second, if it's too hot, they run.

Third, if the temperature is just right, they pose.

So, enjoy some of my favorite lizard shots.

Juvenile Northern Sagebrush Lizard

Juvenile Western Fence Lizard

Plateau Striped Whiptail

Western Fence Lizard

Side-blotched Lizard

Sagebrush Lizard and Western Fence Lizard

Western Fence Lizard

Western Fence Lizard

Western Fence Lizard

Western Fence Lizard

And my current favorite favorite lizard shot, a very cooperative model who let me get closer and closer, until finally, he'd had enough and was gone.

Western Fence Lizard

Lizards in the high desert area of central Oregon are, as you can see, gorgeous creatures. Some have a brilliant blue underside, some don't. Some are well marked, some aren't. But they are all the perfect subject for Misty Dawn's Camera Critter Meme. Click on the meme name and check out other posts. Then join the fun.