Saturday, June 28, 2008

Camera Critter Sunday No. 12

I have had relatives from back east visiting most of the week, and since they don't know this area, I've been acting as their tour guide.

It's been fun, and we have gone to a lot of places I have wanted to go for a long time. One of those places is one I actually got two several times a's the major river which runs through central Oregon, the Deschutes River.

During a visit there June 26 (Yes...I remember the significance of the date), I came across something I had never seen on the river before and something I figure would make a great Camera Critter Meme subject.

It was a Mute Swan. I snapped this photo of the bird, then tried to tempt it in closer with a glucose tablet. When that didn't work, I flashed a $5 bill at it...which still didn't tempt it in closer. So I left the area. But I did get a good photo...I think.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Camera Critter Sunday No. 11

I pride myself in seeing things almost everyone else misses. And when I am wandering the high desert, I keep my eyes open. I'm not saying I see everything, but would you have seen the Grasshopper Nymph located in this photo? Click the image for a larger view which may help.

If you give up looking, go here for the answer.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Camera Critter Sunday No. 10

Near where I live, there is a small, man-made pond formerly used to recycle irrigation water for the city golf course. It's now a small park and fishing spot for the young.

It's also my favorite place for dragonfly and damselfly photos. But there is other worthwhile critter to photograph there. Yellow-headed Blackbirds nest in the area, along with Red-winged Blackbirds. It's also the home of a couple of Rubber Boas, which hear me coming long before I see them and they disappear to parts unknown.

The pond is also the happy hunting grounds of a family of Osprey which nest about a mile or so south of the pond. I've watched four Osprey circle the pond at one time. I've watched as one would suddenly fold its wings, dive, hit the water with a large splash and return to flight with a meal in its talons.

I've watched the numerous different birds who make a home around the pond area look for food, mates and nesting areas. I've also watched visiting birds check out the pond for a while, then continue on their journey.

I've watched many creatures, big and small, live on and around pond.

One of the coolest critters though, lives in the pond. The bullfrogs of Fireman's Pond.

Just what do you see in the eyes of this week's Camera Critter Meme entry?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Camera Critter Sunday No. 9

One of my favorite places to shoot is a small made-made pond called Fireman's Pond. Last year it was a great place for Odonata photos. Unfortunately, this year has been a bust . . . so far.

But the Yellow-headed Blackbirds are there, and they are nesting. And they don't like when I get close to any of the nests in the reeds along the shore of the pond.

Sometimes they'll just squawk at me from one of the reeds, sometimes they'll dive on me, and sometimes one will get on a nearby sign and stare me down.

In any case, I do like the looks of these birds. During the summer after the brood has hatched, a person can go to the park side of the pond and the Yellow-headed Blackbirds will eat out of your hand even though there is plenty of natural food available.

However, the guy below wasn't interested in hand-outs, he wasn't interested in diving on me (anymore)...he just wanted me gone. One look into his eyes, decided it all for me. 8v)