Saturday, August 14, 2010

Camera Critter #123

Last week, I made another trip to the sewage ponds north of town. I’m glad I did.

Not only did I enjoy the ride in the central Oregon heat, but I was able to image four new dragonflies.

However, what I was really pleased with was obtaining a complete family portrait of a beautiful odonata. That dragonfly family is the Variegated Meadowhawk.

Three years ago, Misty Dawn sent me a photo of a dragonfly she took and asked me to identify it. It was a female Variegated Meadowhawk…and it was a beautiful bug. At the time, I gave her a link to the male of the species, which was even more beautiful.

A year later, I found my own female Variegated Meadowhawk, and got a so-so image of it. But I didn’t give up and last year got an even better image of one.

But last week, I hit the mother-lode. Variegated Meadowhawks were everywhere and I had a blast photographing as many as I could.

CRW_0976Juvenile Male

CRW_0913 Female

CRW_1005 Male

But the best shot I have saved for the end. While running from one plant to another, I would see Eight-spotted Skimmers competing for the tops of some of the plants. Then I saw a skimmer push a meadowhawk off a plant top. As the skimmer began to enjoy basking in the sun at his new found perch, the meadowhawk came back.


Moments later, the meadowhawk was back on the perch and the skimmer had found another.

Misty Dawn's Camera Critter Meme is a great way to see critter the world over. Stop by the homepage here and check out some more critters. Then join the fun and add your own.


Valerie said...

The dragonflies are elusive to me. I got one shot last year. I wonder if I will ever capture another with my camera!

Nice work!

Dianne said...

they're like dancers in the air!
amazing shots

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

That one with the black and white wings is really cool!!!

If you'd like, do stop by and visit with me and read my SIX WORDS for Saturday---


Mel Cole of PA, USA said...

You can actually differentiate what's male and female dragon flies in your pictures? Wow. Beautiful pictures by the way.

My 1st time to join Camera critters. Have a great weekend!

My Camera Critter Entry

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Love the dragonflys.

Misty Dawn said...

I'm not ashamed to admit that I am SO jealous of these images! They're spectacular!

Larry D said...

Super photos!

Mrs. M @ TLC said...

These pictures reminded me of my childhood when I loved chasing and catching dragonflies. They're beautiful little creatures, and you framed them so gracefully.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Such intricate detail in these shots. Very well done.

Gypsy Lala said...

I love dragonflies too, you captured them so well...

Gypsy Lala said...

I love dragonflies too, you captured them so well...

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I hope to get more educated about insects as time goes by. I think it's awesome you can know dragonflies so well. I want to know butterflies that well, too.

I'm excited with you in your photo captures.