Saturday, October 24, 2009

Camera Critter #81

A little more than a month ago, I was wandering one of my favorite places when I came across a spreadwing. I made a number of images of the odonata and when it flew away, thanked it and continued on my way.

That evening, I worked on post processing the image and when I finished, put it aside while I worked on the other images of the day. A couple of days later, I began trying to identify the critter.

My first thought on its ID was that of a Northern Spreadwing. I still believe the creature is a of that species. However, a week later, I was in the same area and again noticed a spreadwing flying about.

After making a number of images of it, I moved on and later that evening, processed the images. When I looked at the shots of the spreadwing, I thought, "It must be the same Northern Spreadwing."

But the other day while looking at the images again, I began to notice slight differences. In the second image, at the bottom of the main portion of the body, there is one large and one small dark spot. Those spots are not present on the body of the critter in the first image.

Looking closer at the two, I saw that along the portion of the leading edge of the wing, one of the bugs has a single vein producing two large long cells. The other bug has two veins, dividing that same portion of the wing into two large cells and one central smaller cell.

I knew then that I was looking at two different species of female spreadwings. One is the Northern Spreadwing and the other a Spotted Spreadwing.

Northern Spreadwing

Spotted Spreadwing

Had I not started to look closer at the two creatures, I might have never realized they were in fact, two different species. As much as I think I know, I am still learning every day.

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Martha in PA said...

Great shots.


eileeninmd said...

Wonderful captures. I have a hard time getting a shot of dragonflies and other bugs. You did great.

Juliana RW said...

awesome shots

My Entry this week, in HERE. I hope you could visit as well. Thanks

Karen said...

Very cool shots. I haven't been having much luck getting photos of dragonflies and we have had some gorgeous iridescent blue ones flying around..

Misty Dawn said...

They do certainly look similar! I probably wouldn't have noticed the differences.

You mean you DON'T know everything? bwahahahahahaha

We love Luna said...

wow they are delicate and small.Great capture and I also loved those yellow flowers.Well done!
Happy Camera critters
purrs and love

Diane said...

i love dragonflies! i have a tattoo of one in fact. great shots!

Snap said...

Wonderful shots and thanks for the dragonfly education!

Carolyn Ford said...

These are very beautiful photos. I like the depth of field and color! Amazing dragonfly!

chubskulit said...

Wow that's beautiful!

My first Camera Critters entry is here

BTW, just followed your blog.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I love dragonfly photos, I have yet to capture a good one, yours are great.

jabblog said...

Fascinating! Sometimes the differences between species are so slight they might be missed except by sharp-eyed observers like you. Thank you for sharing and for the information.

leonnybg said...

Thanks for the presentation of these dragonflies. At least I call them so distant from Bulgaria. Greetings!