Saturday, March 21, 2009

Camera Critters #50

Friday was the first day of Spring.

And with Spring comes warm weather and Summer's favorite...flies.

Everyone is familiar with the common House Fly and the Green Bottle Fly. Or maybe you see one of their cousins, which are also known as House Flies. There are many of them.

But there are a lot of other species of flies. In the past I have introduced readers to some of those other species, including one of my favorites, the Robber Fly. However, today I want present some of the other members of the family known as flies.

Common House Fly

Green Bottle Fly

Flesh Fly

Tachinid Fly

Bee Fly

Bee Fly

Bee Fly

Bee Fly

Syrphid Fly

Bee Fly

Bee Fly

Bee Fly

Thick Headed Fly

Thick Headed Fly

As you can see, there are many types of flies. The Bee Fly species is one of the largest and my current favorite fly family. However, the colorfulness of the Thick Headed Fly runs a close second.

Once these small critters of the high desert area of central Oregon start flying again, I'll be out trying to capture a portrait of more of them.

I hope you enjoyed my post this week. If you would like to see more Camera Critters, just drop by the website here run by Misty Dawn and then join in the fun with an entry of your own.


Kate said...

These are amazing photos. Thanks for all the information, too.

Jedediah said...

That's a great post with aweseom pictures. The bee fly is so cute, I have never seen one in real life, though. They are called Wollschweber, wooly hoverer in German :)
For some fun with (male) Syrphid flies, pick up a small pebble or bring a dried pea and then throw it at the sitting fly so that it passes closely to the fly not too quickly. The fly will take off and try to grab the pea/pebble, thinking it's either a rival or a female.

Bruce said...

oh icky! I never knew there were so many kinds of flies! Great photos...but still icky!

April said...

What a wonderful variety of flies! The bee fly is especially nice. Beautiful photos!

Snap said...

Beautiful photos and a lesson in flies. Thank you!

Bryan said...

Nice photos of some of the lesser loved critters in the world.

Grammy said...

I enjoyed your excellent photos and information.

i beati said...

what a special educational post for me Sandy

Dirk said...

Nice collection of flies, great pictures

Misty Dawn said...

I've got pictures of Bee Flies too - Oh yes I do - I know it's true (cuz Bear told me so!).

You know I love me some Robber Flies though ;-) They are SO freaking cool!

The flies are already here... and from what I was just told at work today - the freaking ticks are already out too! That's ONE critter I do NOT like - not one dang bit!

Carla said...

These are great photos! Too bad I'm not that fond of flies;)

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Holy moly! There sure are a lot of different kinds of flies!

Dianne said...

the thick headed fly is a beauty!! makes me feel good that I never kill flies, I just coax them back outside.

Babooshka said...

Fascinating. I only knew a few but to see so many is a lesson. Lovely images those irridescent wings always look good.


The bee fly lives around here. They fly and swarm at my mom's head sometimes when we hike. Interesting bug.. nice photo. I would like to eat them.


Sherrie said...

Awesome Photos!! I didn't realize there were so many species of flies! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!!


Rhea said...

The green bottle fly is nice looking! The bee doesn't have a stinger, I'm assuming. I bet I've mistaken those for bees before.

Carolina said...

Great pictures. Never thought of photographing flies, but they make a wonderful subject ;-)