Sunday, April 13, 2008

One Fine Day!!!

I went out shooting yesterday. It's been a while since my health and the weather have conspired to give me that opportunity. And a good shoot it was.

I bagged me a new species of lizard and some new shots of familiar lizards. I like shooting lizards...and I really do. I thought I enjoyed birds, but's those creepy, crawly things which up close and personal have such a prehistoric look to them I like best. You can see a couple of the new shots on my photostream at Flickr.

So, since I am shooting more and more (I appears the weather in the high desert is going south again real soon), I hope to post more and more shots of the local fauna. I generally put my favorite shots on my Flickr site. But I still have a lot of great shots I just don't want to post at Flickr. And because of that, I was glad when a friend of mine, Misty of Misty's Musing started a Sunday meme called Camera Critters Meme (don't ask me what "meme" means, as I still ain't figured it out). I figure I'll put my "other" good shots linked to that meme here.

So to begin the fun, my I present -- "A Lizard"

I came across this guy yesterday, along the Dry Canyon Trail in Redmond, Oregon which is one of my favorite places to wander. I'm not sure what species of lizard this is. Show me anything else and chances are I'll be able to name it, but lizards? NOT! At least not yet. 8v)

So, if you enjoy critters of any type, check out the Camera Critter Meme here.

And if you know the species of this lizard, let me know 8v)


Lilli & Nevada said...

Well hello neighbor, your only 15 miles from me. Sure was a beautiful day today and yesterday

Ashrunner said...

It sure was, wasn't it? Too bad it won't stay...yet. 8v) Bend?

Misty Dawn said...

OK OK - you already know that I LOVE ALL of your critter photos, and especially your lizards... well, and the hawks... and the eagles... and... oh crap - I just LOVE your critter shots. But, the lizard shots I especially enjoy because I don't get those shots here. As you know - your blue lizard photo is one of the best photos EVER!!! EVER!!!

And, to give everyone a little background - Bear...I mean 'Ashrunner' (He's Bear to me) is one of my dearest friends. He always identifies my critters for me... I take the picture, post it on Flickr or on my blog or e-mail it to him, and he tells me what it's real name is... considering the fact that I tend to make up my own little names for critters hehehe

Thanks SO much for joining CC for me Bear. It means SO much to me!

andrée said...

I never would have known it was Oregon until you told me: it looks like the southwest because of the rock and the lizard. I'd faint dead away if one of those, that big, showed up here in Vermont! It's a great, detailed photo.

Tammy said...

Love the lizard picture! I called my hubby over to look at it. HE LOVES LIZARDS AND SNAKES! It's nice to meet you. Misty talks very highly of you. ~Tammy :o)

Ashrunner said...

Y'all ain't seen nothing yet! Right Misty?

CastoCreations said...

ooooo Lizards are fun. :) Great photo!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what kind of lizard this is, but I love the picture!