Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's Fixed

Well, as reported in my previous post, I had troubles with my browser seeing something everyone else was seeing. The operative word in that sentence, is had.

I no longer have the problem.

While talking to a friend of mine who probably would have invented computers in Ancient Rome if had been around back then, I casually mentioned the problem. His reply was short and simple. "Sounds like a firewall block."

Sure enough, I check my firewall ban list and there is a site banned on the day I signed up for Mr. Linky. I give it permission to pass and like magic...there is the list of names...something 70 or so now I think.

Well, I got a lot of catching up to do 8v)

To all those who offered there assistance, thanks.


Lilli & Nevada said...

Glad you got it fixed now you can have fun

Tammy said...

Computer geek friends ROCK! I wish I knew what was up with mine.

Misty Dawn said...

YAY!!! I'd be doing a happy dance, if I weren't so dang tired.

Thanks for staying up to talk to me and keep me calm last night. Just so you know, I received a phone call at 6 am... Dad had just left work to go pick up the wolf, who had traveled over 5 miles and then walked up to a lady in her yard like "Could you please call my dad? It's time for me to go home now." HUGE sigh of relief.