Saturday, April 21, 2012

Camera Critters #211

I can finally say spring has arrived on the High Desert.  While out on a photo safari Friday, I noticed my first butterfly sighting.  It was a beautiful Mourning Cloak.  As I approached it to get a photo, I saw another, different butterfly flit past me.
At the same time, the Mourning Cloak too off and I turned my attention to the new arrival, which had landed not far from me.
When I took the image above, my mind was saying anglewing, as I have photographed similar leps in the general area this image was taken.
However, when I showed the image to Misty, the meme’s founder and owner, she mentioned it looked like one of the punctuation butterflies.
After a discussion, I realized that she was correct.  The butterfly I photographed was not an anglewing, but instead, a Hoary Comma.
Although they look similar (see this image), the obvious difference is in the wing at the base where it meets the body.  On the butterfly above, the wing is basically straight across with a very slight angle.  The butterfly at the link has an obvious angle at that point.  Hence the name anglewing.
Misty Dawn’s Camera Critter Meme is a great way see critters the world over. Go to the homepage here to see more. Then join the fun and add your own.


Misty Dawn said...

I wouldn't know anything about butterflies, dragons or bugs, if it weren't for all your teaching and patience!

heyBJK said...

Gorgeous photo! Nicely done!

Denise said...

Beautiful! Lovely to see the butterflies active again.