Saturday, June 11, 2011

Camera Critters #166

They may be despised by a lot of people, but I have always enjoyed squirrels.

Where I live in Oregon there is no resident squirrel population.  Occasionally, one will stop by for one reason or another, but they don’t make a home here.

However, when I was back in Illinois, I came across many squirrels.  One Fox Squirrel in particular held my interest.


You think he won’t see me if I stay real still?


Yes…I do believe he sees me.


One more quick peek..oh no…he still sees me!

For the two weeks I was there, the squirrels were a constant visitor to wherever I was staying.  My sister would call me when one would arrive and I’d head out with camera in hand.

I did so enjoy photographing my squirrel. 

Misty Dawn’s Camera Critter Meme is a great way see critters the world over. Go to the homepage here to see more. Then join the fun and add your own.


eileeninmd said...

Cute photos!

Misty Dawn said...

"I did so enjoy photographing my squirrel"... yep, I caught that :-) I'm the only one whom that will have meaning too ;-)