Saturday, September 11, 2010

Camera Critter #127

I like to shoot birds.  I use a Canon when I do it…and I really enjoy doing it.  My Canon takes great photos…but in my opinion, 95 percent of a good photo is getting the right setup.

One of the birds I have always had a difficult time getting the right setup, is the Barn Swallow.  The bird is either flying or sitting on a wire somewhere, and a wire doesn’t look natural to me.

So, I’m always looking for a natural scene to shoot a Barn Swallow in.

Wednesday, I was at the sewage ponds north of town.  I was after some rare-for-this-area sandpipers, which I was able to image, along with an even rarer bird, but that’s another story.  As I came to an area I have always had good luck with dragonflies at, I saw it…a Barn Swallow in a natural pose.  And, it even let me get fairly close and grab a great shot…well, I think it is.


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Misty Dawn said...

It is a very natural pose and good shot! Funny, I used swallows in one of my CCs this week too. B/S

cat said...

It's a fantastic shot! I totally agree aobut how hard it is to take a good photo of swallows. I have yet to succeed.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

It is so difficult to get good shots of birds. This one is amazing!!! Love the composition and the little guy is adorable.

Brad Myers said...

That is a natural set up and a very nice photo. I just got my best Barn swallow photos this summer near the ocean, I found a nest whith four very young ones in waiting to be for mother to feed them. I guess I should post them sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous! The bird looks so delicate and vulnerable balanced there.

Eds said...

I can see that the bird was far away from you but still you got a great shot of him. congrats!:)

Kcalpesh said...

That bird looks awesome!

Pixellicious Photos

Oskar said...

Really great nature shot!

Nubbin' wiggles,