Saturday, April 3, 2010

Camera Critter #104

Last week, I introduced everyone to the local lizards known as the Common Side-blotched Lizard. This week, it's the Great Basin Fence Lizard, a subspecies of the Western Fence Lizard.

This was the species of lizard which got me interested in them. Every time I wandered the badlands in the area of the airport looking for 'other critters,' I would see these little guys and one day, I took a good look at one and you know what? I liked what I saw.

All of these lizards (including the one's from last week) were photographed along the Dry Canyon Trail. It's a popular place for people to walk and enjoy nature. I meet a lot of people during the walks and sometimes I get into conversations. On a safari walk a couple of weeks ago, I ran into a gentleman who noticed I was photographing the Side-blotched Lizards. As we talked, he mentioned that I needed to be careful around 'those lizards' as they are dangerous. He went on to tell me they were baby Gila Monsters (see last week's post here). I tried to explain what they really were, but he insisted since he had lived in Arizona and saw them all the time.

Well, if the Side-blotch Lizard is Gila Monster, then the Great Basin Fence Lizard must be a baby Komodo least that's the joke I have going with the wonderful host of this meme. Just look at the critter in the image above. He could easily pass as a dragon!

But the best thing going for the fence lizards is their undersides. The males (and to a lesser extent, the females) have a wonderful blue color on their throats and bellies. When I saw this gal peek over the top of a nearby rock, I mumbled, "Raise up and show me your throat."

Well, as can be seen in the next photo, she did just that. The color isn't as gorgeous as that of a male, but it still looks nice.

And then I my wait brought me this fellow shown below. This critter slowly crawled up the side of the rock, noticed me, stopped, evidently decided I was no threat and came out in the open and posed for this image.

There is another species of lizard common to my area and someday soon, I'll do my best to get some images of them. They are known as Sagebrush Lizards. They resemble the fence lizards, but are marked in a different way making them easy to tell from the other lizards here. They are also a lot more skittish.

Misty Dawn's Camera Critter Meme is a great way to see critters from all over the world. Go to the homepage here, then join the fun and post your own critter.


Snap said...

Wonderful shots. I like lizards. Fun to watch and important environmentalists!

Vernz said...

Lovely capture... I suppose you have exerted a lot patience in this shot... and the result?.. awesome!

White Monarch
Happy Easter
Majestic Mt. Apo

Misty Dawn said...

I love the Blue Beauties... errrr, I mean Komodo Dragons ;-) You better watch yourself out there - them there things are dangerous. hehe

Steve Borichevsky said...

Nice lizard shots!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

Lizards are very interesting critters. The only time we see them here is in a cage. Valerie

LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

How cool. It is amazing to see that blue on this critter...Oh, I mean dragon :), you just don't expect this at all. Fun hearing the story behind the post!

allhorsestuff said...

Lizards move fast..when they are not staring you down!

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Nice lizards.