Saturday, December 27, 2008

Camera Critter Meme #38

Shortly after a heavy rain storm hit the high desert area of central Oregon, I grabbed my camera to go on a photo safari. I didn't have far to go for my first subject. As I approach a nearby alleyway, I noticed a White-crowned Sparrow land near a water puddle. I picked up the camera and shot the photo below.

I watched the critter for a moment as he looked around, checking out the area. Then he quickly hopped to the edge of the water and stepped in.

He looked around again and for a moment, locked his gaze on me.

Then he dipped his head into the water, shook his wings while spraying droplets all over his body.

This quick bath was over in seconds and I thought when he stood up and looked, once again, directly at me, he would fly off.

The sparrow once again checked out the surrounding area, making sure the area was safe.

And then dove back in again. This bath was even more vigorous than the first, as spray was going everywhere.

However, before my camera could finish writing the images to the CF card, the sparrow took wing and disappeared into nearby bushes. Either his bath was finished, or he knew that in seconds, the sky would open up and another drenching rain shower would spew forth.

Luckily for me, I heard the rain coming before it hit and was able to get under cover before the worst started falling.

If you liked my critter photos, head to Misty Dawn's Camera Critter page and check out some of the other entries. And if you have the time, join in on the fun!


Ana said...

Nice post and shots. I love sparrows, we call them here " sparrows bandits", not to make fun of them, just to point how smart they are;)

babooshka said...

One of these birds caused a stir amongst twitchers in the UK when we had a visiting on in the summer. Wonderful catches. Another on the list for me to see.

Ramblings of a Villas Girl said...

Great shots. I love the reflection.

shutterhappyjenn said...

Very nice shots! You were able to capture great moments.

My Camera Critters post is now up, too! You can check it here if you have some time. I'll be glad to see you there.

Anna said...

Great series of shots. He's a cute little critter.

Grammy said...

What great shots.
Happy new year!

Barbara said...

I love watching these little critters take a bath. Great shots
Smiles B

Misty Dawn said...

His girlfriend told him that he couldn't get close to her until he took a bath and smelled better. So, to make sure it worked, he decided to take TWO baths. bwahahahahahaha

Great series of photos!